Ubuntu Through Health was established in 2010 by a group of Griffith University medical students. It is a non-profit initiative of HOPE4HEALTH.  We promote positive health outcomes in developing regions and assist in the realisation of health equality at home and abroad.

This will primarily be achieved via tailored financial assistance to health clinics for assistance in the provision of medical supplies and health programs. Ubuntu Through Health is coordinated entirely by volunteer students and all donated funds go directly towards our projects.

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Saturday 10th August 2019 6:30pm

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The Ubuntu Through Health project is a terrific example of students combining their energy and talent to improve the lives of others less fortunate. This initiative will have a positive impact on the health outcomes of people from underprivileged regions in the world, but equally important is the empowerment of students involved in this challenge back here in Oz! In partnership with HOPE4HEALTH, Ubuntu Through Health will show generations of future students that it is possible to make a difference even at the earliest stages of their careers and I am happy to support this worthwhile cause.
— Dr Marty Brewster, Founder of HOPE4HEALTH and Chairman of the Alumni Council


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Meet the Team

The Ubuntu Through Health team is comprised solely of Griffith University Medical students, who are recruited towards the end of their first year of study. These team members remain as active representatives of Ubuntu Through Health throughout their entire medical studies, with many members remaining active as Executive Directors after graduation.


Executive Directors 2019

  • Jess Van Heuvel

  • Daisy Swindon

  • ……..


  • Tim Beckman

  • Dave Hill

  • Nick Tellam

  • Beth Hamilton

  • Steph French

  • Warren Fayers

  • Emma Cottle

  • Phoebe Brandis

  • Daniel Lake

  • Monica Narula

  • James Gunning

Active Members (and year of graduation)

Final Year

  • Clare Mahon

  • Sophia Lassila

  • Mia Crous

Third Year

  • Rhys Harris

  • Wadie Rassam

  • Sara Lock

Second Year

  • Che Hooper

  • Grace Borchert

  • Megan Baxter