Ubuntu Through Health has had a connection with East Timorese healthcare for several years. UTH began its involvement in Timor-Leste working alongside the staff at the Bairo Pite Clinic where we have assisted in the funding of Tuberculosis detection equipment, staff wages, and access to life-saving paediatric cardiac surgery in Australia.

UTH senior members, Phoebe and Dan, visited the clinic in December of 2016. They were able to see first-hand the differences that had been achieved through collaboration with the clinic since 2013, and the amazing work being performed by the tireless employees and volunteers of the clinic.

The changing political landscape of 2017 has meant Ubuntu’s role at the clinic will be changing as of 2018. The UTH Team are in regular contact with those on the ground, who keep us updated and maintain transparency. Check back here in a couple months to hear about the changes!